if you hate chomos too, more likely than not jesus loves you and god does too regardless of what you do solely with other consenting adults!
Laughter reduces pain, increases job performance, connects people emotionally, and improves the flow of oxygen to the heart and brain.  SOURCE: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/articles/200504/laughter-the-best-medicine 




Judeo-Christian Commandment #8: "Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness" aka "Speak The Truth And Shame The Devil."




This site and our church is under construction.  The church itself is conceptual, ecumenical, and egalitarian. Rather than information banking, where the narcissist in charge tells everyone their interpretation or understanding of things often now dead people said in other cultures and times or makes up a whole new bullshit machine to defraud like soothsayers, I'm removing the notion of hierarchy in a religious or philosophically exploratory context and sincerely welcoming all to share their philosophical, ethical, and moral perspective for the purpose of competing with all the churches who do it the wrong way and are about control and social engineering rather than actual spiritual or human development.  I double-majored in history and philosophy and have been an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church since 2001.  My name is Angela Smith and as founder of COPE (nonprofit ministry approved by Washington State's Secretary of State), I'd like to share with you some people I consider honorary proselytizers already.  Are you included?  If you are humble enough to be honest and speak the truth so as not to oppress and exploit others through vicious and Machiavellian (redundant, I know) deceptions, then whether I know you or not, I consider you an honorary proselytizer for our church even if you don't identify as such.  I'm borrowing from the Mormons on that one.  But, if you self-identify as a congregant of COPE Ministries, understand speaking the truth for the sake of peace and justice is a core tenet of our faith.  And, we believe a teaspoon of sugar in the form of good humor in the style of brotherly love helps soften the harsh revelations truth reveals at times.  And, that means Patrick Cote, Lee Camp, Dan Savage, RuPaul, Oliver Stone, Charlie Sheen and all who share their own intellectually honest thoughts, views, opinions, and facts are honorary proselytizers who may officially declare affiliation or association at any time or choose to practice their faith quietly so as not to be mistaken for a soothsayer, narcissistic cult leader, or the like.  But, I believe COPE is here to change things and we hope you'll join our religious movement.  For more information, contact angela@churchofphilosophicalexploration.org.  We're just getting started.

This church and religious movement was and remains inspired by Sam Kinison, Monty Python, and the "Mad Priest" John Ball whom you can learn more about at our mission's history page at http://www.heal-online.org/history.htm.  It is my (Angela Smith's) contention that John Ball originated the protestant movement against church hierarchies in 14th century England rather than Martin Luther.  The definition of protestant according to Google definitions originates with this: "mid 16th century: via German or French from Latin protestant- ‘protesting’, from Latin protestari".  Therefore any intellectually honest protest against deceit, corruption, and vicious/criminal conduct is simply our practicing our faith in good faith.  And, I believe in redemption and that sometimes a sense of humor helps make points better than those who lack one.  "Those who are not against us, are with us."  Paraphrased or not?  E-mail me at angela@churchofphilosophicalexploration.org with the right answer before anyone else does and win a prize.

By Angela Smith, Minister of COPE

Jesus is a prophet and son of God.  In scripture, he represents commitment to the objective and reasonable Truth (which is the objective reality of all of God's creation and we all have limited perspective and knowledge about the whole of the entirety that is objective reality rather than our subjective circumstantial perspective), the Way (practicing virtue while deflecting and avoiding temptation to vice), and the Life.  Taking all three of those (Truth, Way (arguably Taoism), and Life) and seeing them as a unified trinity I then recognize in the Book of Revelations the cup of Life or water of Life.  And, reflect upon John the Baptist and recognize that literal baptism by water is perhaps a misinterpretation when considering comparative religion.  And, I propose that the Water of Life is symbolic of Truth which requires you recognize your own authority in choosing Truth and Virtue over Deception and Vice.  And, if you choose Deception and Vice, you are unholy or just a beast so arguably dehumanize yourself by choosing Evil over Good from some perspectives.  And, Jesus is found to protest too much for the authorities of his day and in a manner in violation of laws of the time.  He succumbs to Wrath over the vice and corruption of his time.  But, Wrath itself is a vice and if God's alone to use either suggests Jesus was imperfect (evidenced by his stating he felt forsaken by God And why would you say that if you were God unless recognizing Wrath is vicious even though tempting and calling back to Noah and the promise not to destroy the world when people misbehave or disrespect God's Creation and in that sense fulfills the promise in Noah because trusting Jesus is God's only begotten son and God didn't smite everyone for the crucifixion kind of suggests it let's people off the hook for their vices but I believe that's a misunderstanding and taking things out of context to rationalize vicious misconduct/sin and excuse it because Jesus died and that's unethical and immoral in that interpretation on it's face and Jesus forgives when you honestly repent and commit to virtue, not just lip service apologies and claiming you get to avoid judgment hypocritically while judging others) and therefore a human prophet and not God in the flesh or a demiGod with God as his literal father and he overstepped by being Wrathful rather than Patient in seeking Justice and Reform.  So, he is crucified and then goes into a tomb (womb) and is reincarnated with a new face but his soul is recognized by two Marys and that inspires Saul to become Paul.  And, I believe the Christian scripture supports the ideas of both Karma (You reap what you sow) and Reincarnation based on my understanding of scripture and study of comparative religion.  So, it is my position that baptism is by Truth and intellectually honest discourse and you can't enter nor represent God's kingdom without commitment to intellectually honest reasoning.  And, the truth is nobody is perfect except God (Abstract Universal Archetype for Truth and All Virtues (i.e. honesty, diligence, patience, mercy, justice, kindness, generosity, etc.)) and when some people are delusional narcissists pretending they have no flaws while criticizing and oppressing others through psychological, emotional, and sometimes physical abuse, we need to both acknowledge their humanity and attempt to inspire humbleness through self-deprecating humor accompanied by brotherly love mocking of their vanity and hubris.  And, in the USA they have the right to avoid the Truth if they prefer to believe bullshit.  However, in avoiding the Truth I feel it is rejecting God and his honest creation in all it's glory and therefore reveals false prophecy of those who fail to so recognize as a result of rejecting logic, honest reason, and objectivity in exchange for some form of narcissism or co-dependency as a result of being a victim of narcissistic abuse whether the narcissist identifies as a cult leader, parent, or something completely different.  And, as an activist, artist, and minister, I empathize with Jesus.  It takes a lot of commitment to avoid vigilantism when feeling persecuted, ignored, discarded, abused, and frustrated with the blatant hypocrisies of the willfully blind.  And, I plan to keep fighting in his honor while taking a cue from his story and not succumbing to Wrath in a manner that would amount to a violation of existing laws of the land where I practice my faith.  And, I believe a sense of humor is required that embraces satire, parody, sarcasm, and my own weaknesses (i.e. temptations to vice) as much as those I reveal or which I observe with commentary.  And, this is just my opinion and not the entirety of it.  You can consider it food for thought or a conversation starter.  But, I recognize your right to reasonably and honestly disagree with my understanding or position on any issue I take a position on at any time.  And, even if you do, as long as you are being intellectually honest and reasonable, you will be a welcome proselytizer for COPE Ministries.

I'm not crazy, just deeply committed to Truth and Virtue.  Perhaps if those tempted to or ruled by vice weren't constantly trying to recruit me to their lifestyle, I wouldn't feel the need to firmly establish COPE Ministries as a response.  COPE Ministries is my church and this represents my truth and good faith.  But, intellectually honest discourse provides opportunity for disagreement among friends and I understand that and that's why even if you disagree, if you are being intellectually honest, you are still in my eyes an honorary proselytizer for COPE Ministries.

More To Come....