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[IMPORTANT NOTICE: CHURCH OF PHILOSOPHICAL EXPLORATION (COPE) Ministries is currently conceptual and under construction.  At open house events, revivals, or in-person church services no children under 13 years of age are permitted without being accompanied by their legal guardians.  Legal guardians of minor children are expected to supervise and protect their children regardless of environmental conditions at all times.  That is our church's understanding of the law and our policy regarding minors under the age of 13.  CHOMOS are not welcome at COPE Ministries, but, they lie and until discovered may be present though unwelcome.  There are plenty of other "churches" that appear to welcome them so they can go where they are welcome which is not COPE Ministries.  And, minors under age 13 should also be supervised and/or protected while online.  So, if under 13 and on this site, you are welcome.  But, you should have your legal guardian check it out and then see if it is apppropriate.  The Bible covers some very "grown up" ideas including rape, murder, war, demons, incest, marital discord, and a lot of "real world" issues that may be too mature for some.  So, we ask and also somewhat assume those committed to Bible study are aware of the risk and assume it when receiving free services on a donation only basis.  If 13 or older but still a minor and attending one of our events in person, you find Rev. Minister Angela Smith immediately and let her know and be prepared to be protected and/or supervised.  That may or may not include inquiring about where your parents are, if they know where you are, and how to contact them.  It's because no children are getting raped on our watch.  And, if incest is involved and Minister Angela Smith hears about it, law enforcement will be notified.]


1.  What is your position on homosexuality? 

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: COPE Ministries believes the Truth will set you free and that the Truth is homosexuals exist.  And, I personally and professionally believe that David (King David, the Chosen One) had a homosexual relationship with Jonathan.  In fact, I'm nearly certain there's a passage where David says he wants to lie with Jonathan like he does with his wife.  Now, you may need to cross reference the King James Bible, New International Version, Revised Standard Version, and Catholic Catechism to find that translation and passage.  I've read and studied all versions cover to cover and am willing to be corrected or validated.  You may e-mail me at if you wish.  Also, an interesting interpretation from CW's show "Supernatural" embedded directly below.]


2.  Why do you use offensive language and cover seriously disturbing social issues?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: Words do not offend me, but, acts that are more vicious than virtuous do offend me.  And, the Bible itself covers incest, rape (forcing a rape victim to marry their rapist), slavery, murdering infants in Egypt, war, conquest, fratricide (Cain and Abel, not sure on spelling of fratricide or if that's a real word, if not, it is now), debt peonage, corruption, crucifixion, torture, and all while encouraging commitment to Truth and Virtue.  So, while you may be offended at coarse language, I'm more offended by acts that are more vicious than virtuous and believe if the truth can set us free from oppression that we better support it by being intellectually honest and commit seriously to liberate the entire planet.  But, that's a lofty goal and COPE Ministries is starting small but supports all honorary proselytizers whether in the proverbial closet or not.]

3.  What is COPE Ministries position on masturbation?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: Well, I'd like to discuss #TaoFu which is my strategy for acknowledging my biological needs and health requirements while also maintaining virtue by not ruining my equipment for the one I've been waiting for all my life to the best of my ability.  So, when biological or physical health demands satisfaction and I'm not in a committed relationship per se, I don't consider it an act of lust because I truly love myself and even when it is solitaire it is making love the way I do it.  And, for everyone, here's what I suggest to help stay relatively chaste while choosing the right life partner.  Know what you want in a partner and use fantasy stand-ins if they are helpful while you send loving thoughts to your partner-to-be as you self-satisfy.  And, go dutch (split the check) on all dates/expenses to make sure you aren't with a passive prostitute who is deceiving you while using lust as a means of control and manipulation for more cash and gifts.  You want to make sure you are both in it because you genuinely are interested in each other and even considering building a life together and honesty and truth are the foundations of all love that lasts otherwise it isn't love.  So, I use #TaoFu to describe balance, symmetry, symbolism that contains elements of dark and light, and as my strategy for responding to vice with the correct or best virtue to address it.  So, purely beastly, likely getting into trouble with lust if I don't exercise self-discipline, right?  But, I do.  I make love with myself and am careful so my love will be satisfied when finally we come together.  And, I consider masturbation helpful in remaining patient for Mr. Right.  So, in Taoism Lust would be in the dark side and Love on the light side and then the little dark spot on the light side is where it is okay to masturbate because it helps and the little light spot on the dark side is wrath when you fail to exercise patience and surround yourself with vice.  Or, that's my interpretation and understanding and I'm open to divergent perspectives.  In addition, frequent ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer according to a Harvard Study.  So, masturbation is also pro-life.  Source:  And, if you ever make love with a partner with intent to conceive, but, don't and you keep trying anyway, do you consider that wasting semen and time?  Men produce 525 billion sperm in a lifetime.  A healthy man can release 40 million-1.2 billion sperm at once.  Source:  Most of those never become fully realized and manifested people.  How large would a woman's uterus have to be and how many eggs at once to make sure every sperm gets a chance.  What would the planet look like if that was the case?  Masturbation is good for everyone's health and should be encouraged as it is pro-life.  In addition, Kip Eliason tragically took his own life over guilt for masturbating.  Source:  COPE Ministries cannot condone practices that result in suicide.  I am pro-life.]

And, now for something completely different:


#TaoFu and the (unofficial at this time) song that inspired referring to masturbation lovingly as The Crispin Glover Method:


4.  What is your Church's position on abortion?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: The statements I make represent my perspective alone and do not necessarily reflect or represent the consensus of the congregation at COPE Ministries.  It is my hope that everyone can or would agree with Senator Lindsey Graham's legislation here:   The reason is actually based on scientific evidence that fetuses can feel pain.  Source: And, our mission held a debate between a secular pro-life organization and secular pro-choice organization, which is found here:  And, you may need to log-in to Google if you are not already to view the follow up article regarding that debate here:  I agree with Lindsey Graham's legislation.  For more on my position on how best to represent the unborn legally, see:]  


5.  What happens to people when they commit suicide?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: There are various theories on this that include the theory that people who commit suicide become public servants for eternity in the afterlife.  As someone who has attempted suicide twice and survived, I believe that theory from the film "Beetlejuice" by Tim Burton may be influencing my career choices along with the comic book and film "Constantine" starring Keanu Reeves.  So, my astrological sun sign is Scorpio, as is my moon and mercury positions.  And, when Scorpions are tortured they are rumored to commit suicide, but science doesn't support that according to the San Diego Zoo.  In fact, if one Scorpion dies, all the other scorpions investigate.  Source:  The rumors about Scorpion suicides are false.  And, as a Scorpio who has failed to successfully commit suicide twice, I'm beginning to think it isn't even possible for Scorpios to commit anything but career suicide, right Hillary Clinton?  I did commit limited social media suicide after being trolled and hacked on Facebook and Messenger by deleting my Facebook account.  And, when I was 10 years old I tried to kill myself by swallowing lead that wasn't really lead to give myself lead poisoning and I swallowed it with perfume that said to call poison control if ingested.  But, I didn't die from it and later learned the lead wasn't real lead from a pediatrician who said I should really learn more before trying again because clearly I didn't know what I was doing.  Now, the reason I did that was because my Mom was raising me as a divorced Mom and I overheard an adult conversation where she wished she didn't have me and her father said she had to deal with reality and the fact I exist.  And, I thought if I was such a burden I'd do her a favor.  But, I failed and then everyone agreed with the doctor that it was stupid and scolded me for eavesdropping because they claim I took what was said out of context or misunderstood it.  I don't believe I did but accept that that's the status quo.  The second time I attempted suicide was when I was 15 years old.  I was being physically, psychologically, and sexually abused at home.  So, I reported it to CPS and they asked me if I wanted to go into foster care or stay with my family.  I knew a girl in my class in foster care who had been raped in many placements by multiple offenders per her reports.  So, I said I'd stay with my family to avoid a "frying pan to fire" scenario.  Then, I attempted suicide by taking an overdose of sedatives that were prescribed to treat my ulcers.  I slept for over 36 hours and no one checked on me nor my dog who stayed with me the whole time and neither of us had a "bathroom accident".  So, that alone is a miracle.  When I was sleeping, I remember dreaming or having a conversation where I was asked "Do you want to live?"  I responded, "It depends on what my future looks like and if it gets better".  There was no response but, "Do you want to live?"  I answered "yes" and then more adventures followed.  But, better like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  So, I chose life and choose life.  But, when it comes to dogs in my life I've euthanized and also cared while they died of natural causes/old age/etc.  My dog Crystal (Lhasa Apso) had gone blind, she was old for her breed (14 years) and she couldn't smell anymore either or at least not well.  She kept walking into walls, into people, and into Rose (Rottweiler) who would snap, but, not bite out of annoyance with being walked into on a regular basis.  Crystal slept on my bed and Rose on the floor by my bed.  Crystal would fall off the bed sometimes at night landing on Rose and there would be a fuss and Crystal began walking around nervously all the time while continuing to walk into things and people.  And, she would shake with nerves.  So, I agreed euthanasia might be more humane.  It took 20-30 minutes for the euthanasia to completely euthanize her and she did this terrible howl the whole time which was heartbreaking as someone who loved her and just didn't want her to suffer anymore.  And, with Rose, she was old too when she died but there were people who threw things (food laced with poison) in our yard at the old house and I am not sure if she died of old age or eating something laced with poison.  I usually checked the yard thoroughly before letting her outside, I believed I had done so.  But, there was a meatwad under a bush I missed and I saw her eat it and know that it was likely laced with poison.  There was a man who threatened to kill me at the old house who was seen in our yard repeatedly and he did throw things in the yard at times.  I couldn't prove it was him beyond a reasonable doubt.  And, if I described him effectively I can nearly guarantee a survivor of one of the programs on the HEAL Mission watch-list would recognize the description.  And, some cats died of old age too at home of apparent heart failure.  And, honestly the euthanasia was the worst of the deaths I've witnessed in person in my life.  That's what I personally know from my own experience.  Now, loved ones or friends I have that have committed suicide or reportedly done so though many (including me) suspect foul play in regards to at least a couple of the deaths, I believe they are reincarnated or guardian angels that comfort anyone in need of understanding.  And, I think vicious people don't kill themselves because they are too self-absorbed unless they are killing a lot of other people at the same time, then I think if that's the case God's the judge because I really need to examine the facts of any case before even offering an opinion regarding motives.  And, I think if you kill yourself to show yourself and/or others mercy or generosity of spirit, that's enough virtue in the act for God to recognize it for what it is especially if dealing with a narcissist like Cain or Lucifer.  But, in that case, I think the narcissist is the murderer/manslaughterer by proxy if you commit suicide and there is case law to support that. Source:   So, maybe if you tempt a virtuous person to wrath and they haven't mastered the art of #TaoFu or responding to vice with the correct corresponding virtue they succumb to wrath and to avoid hurting anyone else kill themselves without harming anyone else physically.  But, that would be a vicious act with a virtuous motive where the entire circumstance would need to be looked at to see who was the narcissist/Cain and who was the Abel/humanity.  And, Cain doesn't kill himself or does he?  Social death is a concept many discuss in terms of punishments involving exile.  Anyway, suicide is a difficult topic and I'm sure I misunderstood the adult conversation when I was 10 and eavesdropping where I shouldn't.  But, God knows for sure.  I hope this is helpful.]

6.  What gives you the right to reinterpret scripture?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: My King James Bible published by has a Preface as does the Revised Standard Version in my library.  The preface admits the Bible was commissioned for Prince/King James for the Church of England which was established as a protestant response to the Vatican arguably aligned with the spirit and teachings of Priest John Ball of 14th century England who is a major inspiration for my Church and this church.  It is admittedly translated and formed by men who report themselves to be humble, committed to the Truth and taking a stand against ignorance and darkness.  Human beings are imperfect and fallible as only God is perfect.  So, I admit my imperfection and am humble enough to provide audience for those who would protest #MeToo.  While I don't like responding to questions with questions, I'd ask you "Do you speak Aramaic?  If so, who taught it to you and do they understand both the language and meaning as originally recorded?  When were the stories in the Bible originally recorded?  Were they first transmitted orally as oral histories?  Have you ever played the game "telephone" in school where you sit in a big circle with your teacher and all the other students and the teacher starts it and whispers a word or phrase to the student nearest them and then it makes it's way person by person until the message returns to the teacher?  Is the message the same as what the teacher originally said?  How close to it?  I have faith in Truth and Virtue (aka GOD) and appreciate oral histories, written histories, myth, and mysticism.  The US Constitution provides me free expression, free speech, and freedom of religion.  So, the US Constitution technically gives me the right to my perspective and to share my perspective with others.  I pray and meditate prayerfully and feel truly inspired by God and that this is my calling.  As an American, I respect your right to disagree with my honest perspective.  As someone committed to social equality and in agreement with my understanding of Priest John Ball's perspective, I believe the best way to encourage mutual respect is by showing it.  So, I encourage people to be honest and even question my authority on any topic I cover or opine about and I think that's reasonable and fair.  And, I'd find it very hypocritical of anyone else operating as a faith-based enterprise to claim they have rights I do not where honest disagreement exists, particularly if they claim to be protestant.  I feel such a claim would amount to self-negation on the part of the person claiming more rights than I have regardless of storefront or cultural influence.  And, I've found liars and hypocrites self-negate.  So, if being dishonest (including intellectually dishonest) and falsely claiming authority over other people where such is not granted by the US Constitution (social contract), then you are free to agree to disagree.  If you don't agree with that, then, maybe we'll forcibly convert you to COPE Ministries or my personal point of view on every issue and do so in a segregated environment where you feel you are not free to leave until you accept my perspective alone as the Truth or True Perspective/Belief/etc.  You don't like that idea, right?  Neither do I.]

7.  What is your position on self-medication, drug abuse, and addiction?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: Jesus turned water into wine.  And, therefore in moderation it's okay.  But, let's get into some gory details, shall we?  (You may need to watch this first. Say someone named Corey had a friend named Corey who did cocaine and other drugs illegally without a prescription.  Say the Corey who did cocaine and other drugs told the first Corey he'd share if the first Corey wanted a sample without disclosing the method of payment or that the share was more of a debt peonage situation.  Then, the first Corey believing his friend was simply sharing out of friendship was handed over to a third-party named Dominick who raped the first Corey which the evil Corey (disagree?) made some arrangement with regarding procuring minors for sexual favors (not himself though) in exchange for drugs.  And, then the first/good Corey was threatened to remain silent and told if he reported it he would be arrested for drug possession/abuse or worse.  So, the good Corey self-medicated to deal with the trauma of having been raped.  And, the evil Corey boasted that he knew the good Corey was into it.  And, then the evil Corey threatens the good Corey on a show about both to keep his mouth shut about the perpetrator's identity.  Later, the good Corey dies.  After the good Corey dies, the evil Corey starts spreading rumors about Charlie Sheen being the rapist of the good Corey and that's bullshit.  Sheen's reputation takes a serious hit and his ex-wife uses the rumors to manipulate the divorce situation.  Sheen's reputation takes another blow.  All the while the evil Corey is playing the world's biggest victim and freak show and running a cult while trafficking his "angels" for labor.  So, this is a warning.  Make sure you know who your friends are and if they truly are looking to share or if some other deal with some devil is at play before accepting any offerings of any substances with which you are not currently familiar and do not know how your body chemistry will react to the substance.  Another sick thing, sex traffickers may claim that drugging their "livestock"/victims is the humane thing to do because they are not into it and this way they aren't conscious when being raped and it relieves pain too, so, they think that's thoughtful.  Nice try.  You are evil if you are trafficking people (especially minors/children).  Trying to come up with a "bright side" to that shit by saying at least you provide medication to address the suffering you caused or permitted for cash when you know how people treat drug addicts and use that as additional means to keep victims silent is despicable.  And, people who would blame those who self-medicate who haven't walked a mile in the shoes of those who do self-medicate are hypocrites and not qualified to provide any form of relief nor legitimate treatment.  As far as addiction where someone physically requires more of the drug just to be normal now, I recommend short-term detoxification and then whatever support they choose for themselves going forward.  If they've been trafficked for sex or labor, they may feel best in the least restrictive/authoritarian/controlled environment as possible because anything close to how they were treated that resulted in self-medication is only going to compound the problem because it would be a lot of trauma triggers resulting in a "fake it until you make it" strategy to get released and go right back to self-medicating now to deal with the compounded trauma.  And, that's my position.  You are welcome to disagree.  #JusticeForHaim.]

8.  Why did you post this video?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary (Extended Cut): I feel the video is self-explanatory.  But, to clarify and as stated, I'm a survivor of sexual assault and other abuses and crimes.  As a result, I do live with traumatic stress and must manage my trauma triggers.  I use comedy and sometimes inappropriate language to manage my triggers.  Trauma is a bit strange, but, not so much.  So, for example, say you were raped while the opera "Pagliacci" was playing in the background.  Now, in Seattle, we have a local pizza chain called "Pagliacci's".  Every time you hear reference to it that acts as a trigger for your trauma though no one intends that.  The pizza place doesn't intend it because they just like the opera and named themselves artfully.  The pizza place has no idea that the opera itself is a trauma trigger for anyone.  Now, you might feel so triggered and not able to manage your triggers that you decide to boycott or protest "Pagliacci" because subjectively you find it offensive based on your unique and tragic life experience(s).  But, you need to consider, in that case, whether you are imposing your perspective on everyone else in an unreasonable manner  without objective consideration that goes beyond your own feelings.  See, here are some things that trigger me: pastel mini-marshmallows, vicious deception of any kind intended to trick or mislead me, and someone standing in a doorway where that's my only exit whether they are friendly or not.  Now, I forgive and manage when I walk by pastel mini-marshmallows or see them.  It's not the marshmallows' fault that they are a trigger.  Vicious deception I'm still pretty hyper-vigilant in responding to because I see it as a threat regardless if intentions are more about fraud (greed is a vice) than what the fraud may lead to as in "rape by fraud or trick".  But, in responding to vicious deceivers, I feel my vigilance is justified and I find the law tends to agree.  And, usually when I let people know to move out of the doorway because it makes me uncomfortable even though I don't see them specifically as a threat but it triggers a traumatic memory they move out of the doorway and are considerate.  But, this is because I openly communicate, recognize my triggers, and recognize what is reasonable and what isn't in regards to my expectations of the rest of society.  Society agrees crimes such as fraud and rape are wrong.  That's why they've been considered crimes since biblical times.  So, there is a consensus that has been encoded that those are wrong and we all get a bit angry or upset when people do things that are clearly and expressly illegal.  So, activism can be a good fit if the activists fight crime rather than commit it vigilante style depending on whether they are seeking instant gratification or long-term change and Jesus lucked out from many perspectives and got both results at great cost though.  And, the pastel mini-marshmallows, I actually feel bad that I find them personally intolerable and can't help that.  I don't torch the marshmallow aisle or protest the supermarket to demand they stop carrying them because of my individual issue because that would be unreasonable and illegal.  And, I feel that where people make such unreasonable demands they need to manage trauma better and be reasonable, where they can't, I feel they are exhibiting narcissistic tendencies.  But, sometimes that's a result of being a victim of narcissistic abuse and identifying the narcissist(s) as having authority and then behaving that way in response as a means of establishing one's own authority.  But, that's wrong.  The authority is the TRUTH.  The TRUTH is you don't become an abuser in response to having been abused unless you want to be vicious too and deceive yourself by rationalizing your actions are acceptable where you found the same actions against you unacceptable.  But, you have every RIGHT to defend yourself and demand justice where a narcissist or anyone has harmed you without just cause which should be determined by an objective third-party whenever possible unless threat is imminent and then you can't use any force beyond that which is necessary to neutralize the threat.  If you pay forward narcissistic abuse on others and don't stand up to your abuser but instead emulate them, I personally find you unsympathetic.  And, I manage my trauma with a sense of humor and sometimes make inappropriate jokes to lighten my own mood when triggered that sometimes results in others being uncomfortable.  But, then I explain like with the above video or this commentary.  And, I apologize or ask for forgiveness if my words offend, but, I also at the same time forgive those who would assume they have authority to censor my words in the United States of America when they do not and should merely ask or notify me they prefer I censor myself for some reason because they are triggered by my words in some way and don't manage their trauma like I manage the pastel mini-marshmallows thing.  You don't have to listen to me or read what I write and I don't expect you to and hope you have the same expectations.  But, I am accessible and imperfect.  So, if you can't handle the truth and lack a sense of humor while making unreasonable demands on others, please know that I may not be the friend nor minister for you, okay?  If you need more information, just ask.  You can e-mail  But, if you think you can manipulate me, you can't.  I guarantee I've studied more than you've ever considered and have a keen memory.  My ability to cross-reference and question as a result of my acquired knowledge makes manipulating me or deceiving me for an extended period nearly impossible.  And, you might not like what I do in response if you try it.  But, the assailants referenced in the video are the problem and not the men listed who are friendly enough that they welcome and/or forgive how I manage my triggers.  And, I appreciate that.]

9.  Why do you spend so much time discussing matters of law?  Doesn't that violate "separation of church and state"?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: The Book of Leviticus which establishes the laws also known as commandments which are to govern the people.  The US system of justice is based on Judeo-Christian principles.  The Commandment "Thou Shall Not Kill" is encoded into US law in the form of laws against homicide.  So, it is my understanding that the Bible supports a system of justice in which a social contract exists for those living in a specific society (whether governed by the church/synagogue or a secular government that respects individual liberty in matters of faith while still governing) and that the US is predominantly a Christian nation.  So, just because I'm a person of good faith doesn't mean I don't get to participate in government.  The government doesn't exclude people of good faith from participating and does not discriminate against individual citizens on religious grounds alone.  So, there are many social movements for change such as the Civil Rights Movement (organized in large part by the Southern Christian Leadership Council) and the Pro-Life Movement.  And, I'm simply trying to help people of good faith understand the Constitution so we can all be better at making sure our perspectives are considered reasonably when advocating for changes to laws that govern society.  I see the Bible in many ways as showing how a disorganized and undisciplined social collective that succumbs to vice (i.e. Golden Calf/Idol Worship) finds more peace and justice with a little organization and self-discipline encouraged and enforced by establishing commandments and/or laws for that sake or purpose.  And, I see the US Constitution as inspired by the Magna Carta which arguably inspired or influenced John Wycliffe and Priest John Ball in pre-protestantism which later inspired Martin Luther and the protestant movement.  So, I feel the US Constitution represents the spirit of protestantism as written and COPE Ministries is a protestant Church that supports the US Constitution.  I don't believe the government takes issue with faith-based organizations supporting the government or respecting the laws of the country.  Between Leviticus and "Romans 13:1-2: "Obey the government, for God is the One who has put it there. There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power. So those who refuse to obey the law of the land are refusing to obey God, and punishment will follow."" I feel it is well within my understanding of the Bible and it's purpose to respect the law and agree with the founding fathers who basically in many ways created a system of laws that protect individual rights aligned with the teachings of Priest John Ball.  So, it is my understanding that often the "separation of church and state" is interpreted to mean the government doesn't infringe on individual liberties by forcing anyone to adopt a specific faith.  But, that doesn't mean people of good faith are banned from public participation.  That may be upsetting for some who wish people of good faith were banned from public participation.  But, the USA isn't just for people acting in bad faith, so, moral majority here and sometimes queer and proud of it!  Make sense?]

10.  Why does your church not forgive rapists, human traffickers, and frauds excluding them from service according to your bylaws?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary:  Jesus said "“But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea."  Source: King James Version Matthew 18:6.  And, Jesus, did this according to my understanding and interpretation of Matthew 8:28-34, drove the demons of sin into a herd of "long pigs" and sent them to their death in the sea.  "Long pigs" being a euphemism for people who rape children in the name of God and then in doing so turn them away from God because such rapists are false prophets and described properly as pigs.  In other places of the Bible you see people compared to animals including dogs, lions, and other creatures.  It is not outside the realm of reasonable argument to maintain that Jesus vigilante-style killed a bunch of CHOMOS feeling it was justifiable homicide but failing to recognize that the specific crime had not yet been encoded into the laws or was not being effectively enforced according to his judgment.  So, it is my position that rapists specifically are people even Jesus would kill and his own actions as recorded in the Bible based on my understanding support that position.  This is why to me Jesus is a superhero even though others may view him as an antihero because of his vigilantism.  And, while small trespasses or slights like interrupting someone before they've finished their point where they apologize for being impolite and you forgive because we all do that at times and so in judging yourself you say "I do that sometimes, so, I understand and I forgive you", that's being reasonable and understanding what Jesus meant by forgiving those who honestly repent where you judge others to the extent you judge yourself to avoid hypocrisy.  But, where someone rapes you and you think "I'd never do that.  That's evil.  That's between you, God, possibly Satan, the victims, and the Justice System" and that's the difference.  Jesus wouldn't rape anyone.  Jesus would kill you if he knew you did it.  But, COPE Ministries places our trust in law enforcement and empowering victims to pursue justice rather than end up being crucified like Jesus in some way for vigilantism.  So, as followers or friends of Jesus, we support his position and to avoid vigilantism trust law enforcement while honoring his position in at least artfully stating that you are at least getting Cain's consequences at our church in the event the Justice System fails.  So, if you were convicted of rape and did your time, you are no longer a rapist unless you would do it again.  The information on recidivism is that there is a 83% chance you'll do it again and a 17% chance you won't do it again.  That means there is a 8.3 in 10 chance you'll rape and possibly seek victims who are virtuous and willing to give you a second chance because they take you at your word.  And, that means there is a 1.7 in 10 chance you won't do it and can be trusted.  Our church is devoted to the victims and protecting victims and the innocent.  So, based on the Bureau of Justice Statistics on recidivism rates and Jesus' position that you should get the death penalty, not willing in most cases to give the benefit of the doubt given you've already proven to be a threat by your own actions.  So, I personally am willing to look at the facts of your case and make my own decision about whether to give you a second chance or first chance with our church.  For example, if you were 13 years old and "in love" with another 13 year old and you both were convicted of statutory rape of the other but both had consented and didn't feel you'd been raped and think the law is bullshit and shouldn't try you both as rapists for raping each other just because of the statute and perhaps even later married each other, then of course you'd be welcome.  But, if you were 38 and raped a 2 year old and you were convicted of that, you are not welcome and I honestly think the death penalty would be appropriate in your case.  Does that make sense?  Now, the Bible is a bit #TaoFu when it comes to slavery.  Moses liberates the Hebrews from being enslaved by Egypt.  But, then Leviticus talks about how to discipline slaves where you kind of hope Moses and the Hebrews understood that slavery was wrong because they didn't like it when they were slaves and wouldn't continue the practice or suggest it is acceptable.  But, I'm a liberation theologist of sorts and I personally think the Hebrews were being a bit hypocritical and admit the Bible is written by imperfect men and that the laws of many nations, including the US, have attempted to correct the issue without offending anyone except those convicted of crime.  That's very Christian of the US Constitution.  And, personally I think slavery is an appropriate punishment for those convicted of human trafficking.  So, I'm opposed to human trafficking and as stated previously am agreeable with Romans on obeying the government as long as it is a Republican government organized under the US Constitution where "We the People" are also authorities and have a reasonable means of petitioning for redress of grievances including changes to the laws through legislative bodies and overturning laws that are unconstitutional through the court system.  So, what about prostitutes?  Do I consider prostitution a form of trafficking yourself if you consent?  No, I do not.  I define human trafficking as trafficking of other people for sex or labor (including children) that are not you where you benefit and they are not compensated and involuntarily forced or coerced to serve you until they can escape or get rescued and have not been convicted of human trafficking beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.  I believe anyone who would ever do that is confused, hypocritical, and/or at least responding to vicious misconduct in kind which suggests retribution and there is room for debate on where to draw the line.  And, with fraud, please watch "American Greed" on CNBC or old episodes.  There are so many charlatans who promise the world for a price and rip off people of good faith in the process.  We don't want them at our church and they will likely be too afraid to make their pitch for access to our congregation anyway given our bylaws.  But, frauds deceive for vicious gain in all areas of vice they lie to manipulate and steal.  And, fraud itself has deception built-in so when you stand before the doors of the church, leave all falsehood outside or else you will be exposed in front of a large crowd once you enter.  COPE Ministries serves the Absolute TRUTH and the 8th Commandment of the old testament is the cornerstone of our church.  You can show you've repented from previous crimes by not committing them again and if the crime is fraud, deception is built-in and co-dependents, people with PTSD, and all people of good faith who want a safe place to congregate, do good works, and act in good faith, really don't need it and don't want it.  So, basically, I find rape, human trafficking, and fraud abominations, some of which Jesus himself would kill you for committing, and believe to honor Jesus it's best we avoid each other unless you've truly repented.  But, given our congregation would likely be uncomfortable giving you the benefit of the doubt where evidence suggests maybe it's too big a risk to those recovering from narcissistic abuse in our congregation, we'd advise you consider another church.  You can risk it, but, be sure you've repented because some of us are very intuitive and it could get ugly and no one wants that, right?  Also, I ask really good questions and can spot liars fairly quickly.  So, it's up to you and if you feel you are not a hypocrite and have repented with a willingness to fully commit to honesty, TRUTH, and all the virtues, I might give you a chance.  But, I also know the odds are not in your favor.  10 to 1.7 you don't get that chance.  But, I'm just one church and I'm sure others are still out there that ignore facts and will place blind faith in your lip service while going into denial when you commit more crimes where they cover it up to avoid looking foolish and fail to watch any soap operas ever which reveal that the truth always comes out and is much worse when you don't just live transparently to the best of your ability, admit imperfection, and hold criminals accountable.  I also believe some of Jesus' statements during crucifixion were sarcastic and a callback to his Jewish heritage in being sarcastic.  He knew God didn't forsake him and he was mocking the narcissists who judged him by asking.  He knew he succumbed to Wrath when he killed the CHOMOS and vandalized the Temple.  He also thought those who crucified him were hypocrites who didn't understand the law, purpose of the law, or the glory of God.  You can also look at it as his feeling his actions were justified and since he was a true believer or God's son that he could exercise Wrath without consequence just like his father.  But, the justice system of his day, similar to our own, said that's between you and God in eternity whether your Wrath was God's or with God's consent.  And, I think given Jesus' posthumous popularity we know.  God loves Jesus.  So, you know how some people bomb abortion clinics?  They feel it is justified and often still confess respecting and understanding it was unlawful, there's a penalty at law, and also feeling God understands and forgives because it was God's wrath where some person acted as the "Hand of God" to save the innocent.  And, I think those people are true believers and practicing their faith as they understand it.  But, you know how they are different than rapists, human traffickers, and frauds?  They often, if not always, confess and honestly admit to their crimes to the proper authorities and face the consequences just like Jesus.  And, that's all out in the open, not sequestered in a confessional booth where you say "Hail Mary" and pay lip service and basically otherwise get away with it.  Jesus would not be cool with that and the Bible in context tells you so.]

11.  Referring to the church bylaws and number 10 question and commentary, what if the person accused was falsely accused?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: COPE Ministries serves God and God is the Absolute Truth.  That has been made clear.  So, in many jurisdictions of the USA you can be charged with the crime where you've falsely accused someone else in an official police report.  So, those making false allegations assume the risk of being convicted and sentenced as if they committed the crime of which they've falsely accused someone else.  To the extent reasonable doubt exists or there is sufficient evidence supporting the report made, even if it itself fails to convince the objective court beyond a reasonable doubt, it may be sufficient to create reasonable doubt regarding the falsity of the complaint.  Therefore, no conviction for filing a false report gives merit to believing the victim given the risks involved with reporting in the first place.  Now, if someone takes a plea deal for any reason on any charge, they've forfeited their right to appeal or claim innocence unless they wish to admit they lied under oath in claiming to be guilty in taking the plea deal.  And, then, that person is confessing to having committed perjury while sworn to tell the truth, and whole truth, so help them God.  So, in that instance, they made an arrangement or vow before God to tell the whole truth and did not where not doing so would result in God not being helpful.  So, don't take plea deals.  Angela Davis pled not guilty to the charge of murder.  She was convicted.  She appealed and the appelate court overturned her sentence/ruling and set her free.  Davis trusted in the Truth and didn't self-negate by lying under oath and taking a plea deal.  And, if not guilty, go to trial.  So, if found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and you are innocent, appeal it, don't give up.  If you are guilty, then there's been no false accusation because you are guilty.  If you get psyched out by the system or your own prejudices regarding preconceived bias you assume the courts to hold against you for any reason, that's on you.  Don't get psyched out.  Play it like a game and do not forfeit unless you know you already lost because you are guilty.  And, if some whore sets up one of your friends and then uses them as a human shield at any hearing or court situation and you take the hit to protect your friend from charges of perjury by omitting facts that would exonerate yourself and resolve the matter, accept you are perhaps too generous to your friends and know generosity is a Virtue and God forgives.  And, that if you make the truth known for the court of public opinion, then, the public may or may not forgive but will likely understand.  But, don't then turn around and blame the system.  That's not fair and a bit hypocritical in context.  So, if you are innocent always plead not guilty and go to trial.  If you are guilty, don't pull this shit on me or our church claiming innocence.  I personally have reported multiple crimes to law enforcement, some of which I am a direct victim and some of which I was reporting for third-parties where evidence of crime was provided to me and they were too intimidated to report it themselves.  The third-party reports are considered hearsay and weren't acted upon to my knowledge.  Where I've been a direct victim, sometimes the prosecutor has found sufficient evidence to prosecute beyond a reasonable doubt and sometimes the prosecutor has felt there were too many suspects and though I've identified two effectively, I can't prove beyond a reasonable doubt who did what because they were cybercrimes and my system is regularly compromised sometimes by foreign IP addresses from Sweden, China, Russia, and India, so outside the jurisdiction for US authorities to investigate or prosecute.  I have multiple hardware and software firewalls and two compatible anti-malware/anti-virus programs that are always active.  But, no amount of security can protect from all threats regardless of whether virtual or corporeal in nature.  So, I do my best and while I'd really like someone held accountable for those crimes to send a message, I understand proving who did what beyond a reasonable doubt is nearly impossible given the issues with my system and number of entities or individuals who find interfering with it appealing, interesting, or otherwise serves some purpose they have even though it is illegal and like raping my computer.  So, in such cases, while I'm frustrated I can't send such a message and get justice, I'm okay with that as long as victims of violent crime are given priority.  And, they are, but, we need to look at funding investigative units and DNA testing centers so there is no Rape Kit backlogs delaying and sometimes denying justice for victims while the perpetrator just walks free and perhaps rapes other people and harasses some of the victims into recanting.  So, justice should be more swift and in serious crimes like rape, murder, and maiming, speed it up and make the streets at least feel safer where we've identified a clear threat with sufficient evidence for a conviction.  So, because of my experiences as a victim who has a good case, but, can't prove beyond a reasonable doubt for a conviction, and has lost no money so can't really get damages in civil suit and would be suing on principle which requires paying a retainer because lawyers don't work for free on principle on cybercrime-related issues, I understand that the prosecutors actually require victims prove beyond a reasonable doubt before they'll even indict anyone or press charges, unless corrupt.  And, if corrupt, you do like Angela Davis and you stand your ground and appeal to a higher court.  Don't give up.  If you give up, be reasonable and understand you now look guilty of the charges because you admitted to being guilty of the charges if you took a plea deal.  So, asking anyone to believe you are not guilty negates your own claims in taking the plea deal and brings into question your credibility on all matters.  But, if there is a reasonable explanation with supporting facts and evidence, I'll consider it.  And, if found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and losing on your appeals, I'd need to take a look at all the evidence and court transcripts.  With Jason Dean in Ohio who was convicted of murder because a teen used his gun to kill a third-party where Dean wasn't at the scene of the crime and did not authorize the use of the weapon by the teen, I felt it was unjust to give him the death penalty.  But, I looked at the court records and researched the case, spoke with Dean and the teen who committed the crime, and reasonably decided my own position on it.  And, I created a petition to get him a new trial and he got one.  I don't know the outcome of that at this time.  I just know he got a new trial.  So, I'm reasonable, but, not a total soft touch and not a soft touch at all where someone comes to me and says "I am a rapist and you are a Christian, you must forgive me and absolve me of my crimes and treat me like none of that ever happened."  No, I don't have to do that.  In fact, Jesus would kill you and it's up to the victims and God whether or not to forgive you.  I only speak for myself and I trust in God and serve God.  And, that's between you and the victims and God.  For myself, when raped I want the rapist to die.  I don't want them living and fantasizing about me or able to target me or do it again in any way to me or anyone else.  I feel much better with the idea they die.  And, that's not suggesting eternal damnation.  If there is a spark of virtue left in them that I can't recognize or see because of the horror of their actions, I think that spark of virtue continues or goes to heaven and the evil vicious crap just dies when the body dies.  So, then that little spark of virtue is welcomed by God and there's nothing to forgive because the other shit was purely beastly and showed a severe lack of self-discipline to the point it caused criminal harm to me or others.  So, I'm saying Instant Karma/Reap What You Sow here and now with sufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt you did it and your own admission of guilt or conviction, is hell on earth.  And, if a jury thinks it is appropriate, I'm inclined to agree because we are all equals.  And, I recognize the fallibility of all human systems, but, recognize it's a better option than bloody tribal warfare like the Hatfields and the McCoys where the only justice system is vigilantism and people hold grudges forever until it looks like World War III, but, way less organized and more scary like Mad Max: Fury Road.  So, bottom line, if falsely accused, we believe the person who falsely accused would be in prison for filing a false police report or sued for libel per se if there is sufficient evidence to prove your innocence and that the other party is lying.  For example, Angela Davis was actually provably not in the city and nowhere near the scene of the crime for which she was charged.  She had receipts and ticket stub(s) for where she was and witnesses proving she wasn't at the scene of the crime and couldn't have been the perpetrator.  Those receipts/ticket stub(s) were ruled inadmissible evidence by the lower court.  She appealed.  It took 3 years.  She was released and is now a well respected author and college professor.  So, I suppose we should find out if the person who claimed Davis did it was ultimately charged with the crime for filing a false police report.  If not, why not?  Prosecutorial discretion.  Remember the law protects all of us equally from it, not by it according to the equal protection clause depending on jurisdiction.  So, the standards of evidence remain the same for finding guilt or fault and never forfeit or take plea deals unless you are guilty or it is a civil matter and you don't mind the loss just to avoid the hassle of going to court.  Ever been blocked in by a meter maid and then given a ticket even though you were at your car and trying to move it before the meter ran out?  I have been so blocked in while in Downtown Seattle.  I didn't have a camera or recording device at the time so could not prove she did that.  She did.  The ticket was $15 and I was given the option to take a day off of work and go to court to dispute it or pay the $15.  I used a Daffy Duck rubberstamp to decorate the envelope and it said "You're Despicable".  But, I paid it.  I put in a note about the fact the meter maid blocked me and that it was unjust but that I would lose more by taking a day off work than gained by disputing the ticket.  So, paying it was fiscally reasonable but on principle it wasn't and reasonably I couldn't prove she did that because I didn't have a camera to capture the evidence.  Had I had a camera and recorded all of it, I would've taken the day off work and disputed it on principle.  So, lots of variables to consider, right?  Be diligent, patient, and save your receipts and record as much as you can if you have reason to believe you may need to prove something at some point using any of those items.  And, my faith is in GOD, you are not GOD.  I have faith in GOD.  I require factual evidence in areas of controversy involving living matter whether human or not.  And, I think for myself.  So, I do my best to set my emotions aside and just consider facts as objectively as possible.  And, if you try to tap my emotions where I'm trying to be reasonable, I consider that manipulative if you are doing it to gain something from me.  So, no emotional or guilt-tripping or taking Jesus out of context to claim I must be forgiving if Jesus would've killed you. And, no taking it on faith when you claim you are innocent if the evidence convinces me beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty.  So, if truly innocent or as innocent as me or Charlie Sheen, sure.  If as innocent as Angela Davis, of course.  If guilty of lying for sure and likely other crimes for which you now want people to just pretend they didn't happen, that's narcissistic behavior.  People who take responsibility for their actions accept that people are reluctant to give them a second chance because of their record and understanding of what that means as perceived by others in light of all the facts.  People who just want to control others will just demand forgiveness and find the nearest faith-based co-dependent to manipulate into believing their bullshit so they can use them too.  So, if you are a narcissistic oppressor, you are not welcome and your lies won't fly here.  But, if you made an honest mistake for which you've taken responsibility and self-corrected in or out of a prison environment, then you didn't ask question 11.  Addendum: I'll do you one better.  If you've been falsely accused and refused service or rejected by COPE Ministries as a result of a false accusation that you've raped, trafficked people for sex and/or labor, and/or are a fraud, e-mail me at and notify me of that fact.  I'll reply in concordance with COPE Church bylaws and the FAQ commentary here.  You will then be able to sue for libel per se with your damages being that you were denied church services as a result of the false allegation.  And, if you file such a suit and win, even on principle, we'll accept that the allegations against you were false and apologize for our own honest mistake.  Otherwise, assume we've considered both sides and believe the victims.  And, when victims are more perpetrators than victims (see question 7 above), we don't take kindly to their bullshit and fully defend and exonerate Charlie Sheen and all who've been falsely accused.]

12.  Why do you support at

[Minister Angela Smith's commentary:  It's reciprocal and is awesomely transparent and charitable!  In fact, though not listed as meeting the Honesty In Marketing Standards at, meets them to the extent and beyond that we do at COPE Ministries.  See, encourages and welcomes both critical and complimentary feedback and does most everything quite publicly facing media scrutiny with every move.  That's beautiful and truly representative of what I believe a liberated marketplace would look like from the consumer's perspective.  Beyond that, every time I shop at for church supplies which include providing emotional support and learning materials to the ignorant and under-privileged, proceeds go to Food Animal Concerns Trust providing actual reasonable support including financial and volunteer assistance to alleviate animal suffering on factory farms and more for the betterment of everyone's health.  And, when you use our link, some proceeds go to our church.  So, I also have to mention Jeff Bezos and donating office space to Mary's Place which is featured on our Resources guide at because that's awesome too!  He's willing to hire the homeless like my friend Charles who worked security at Amazon and soon got his own apartment after being given a chance by Jeff Bezos.  So, while I've heard some criticism, overall I think he leads by example like a champ and I'd be happy if he would be honored to be considered an #HonoraryProselytizer too.]

13.  Why and/or how is John Lennon an inspiration for COPE Ministries as referenced at

[Minister Angela Smith's commentary: I believe people misunderstood John Lennon's sense of humor and that they fail to recognize he was mocking and criticizing charlatans, not promoting them.  This may be best exemplified by the tweet thread here:  And, that tweet thread includes the article here (see screenshot below for a portion of it):


So, I think John Lennon exemplified most, if not all, the virtues and as a man of peace chose to humorously mock frauds and charlatans artfully rather than engage in militantism.  And, that is the how and why of the inspiration from my perspective. ]

14.  What denomination is the Church Of Philosophical Exploration (COPE) Ministries?

[Rev. Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: COPE is an Independent Wycliffite Church.  For additional information see and/or the screenshot below:


14.  Why did you remove the "Helpful Tips" page from your site?

[Rev. Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: It was redundant as all the tips that were there for the most part are included elsewhere on the site and a little too judgy/preachy in some ways at times where the purpose was to be helpful.  I wrote that page when I was annoyed with someone I was assisting who was homeless or seeking emergency shelter and services, but, being very demanding and attempting to be an authority over my actions in some ways which I didn't care for and that page was in large part my response and way of processing so I didn't end up in a bigger confrontation while able to send that link to that person once the page was created and ask him/her to read it.  But, I did like some of it that isn't available elsewhere that I'll provide in my comments here with their original numericals on the Helpful Tips page in case you miss them:

Helpful Tip #4.  Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is a biblical concept spoken by Jesus in Luke 6:31 and Matthew 7:12; it is commonly referred to as the "Golden Rule.""  If you wouldn't want everyone around you treating you like a servant or cash machine, then don't treat others that way.  And, if you raise your children without teaching them self-discipline and responsibility it is really evil to then just turn them over to strict draconians (worse yet Machiavellians) or child traffickers where you believe their false advertising and just want relief rather than having one of the conversations featured in the links available at end of #3 above (which are/were:, , and ).  But, narcissistic parents are prone to believe bullshit and look for easy answers without asking questions and if they find an exceptional (gifted) or special (developmentally disabled) child too challenging, they'll do something the vast majority of parents and members of society are horrified about when they learn of it.  That's why so many horror movies cover the subject.  Mrs. Voorhees was the murderer in "Friday the 13th" the original and slaughtered all the negligent camp counselors who failed to supervise Jason resulting in his drowning.  But, she's a prime example of narcissism.  She wants Jason out of her hair.  He's weird.  She sends him to camp and then he dies.  Did she look into the camp?  Check their credentials?  Check licensing?  Offer to volunteer to supervise and help?  Did she even tour the grounds and did she sign any documents where she indemnified the camp against all liability up to and including death while assuming all the risk and avoiding all responsibility at the same time?  Well, regardless, as a narcissist she doesn't consider those things when she learns of Jason's death.  She decides to fully succumb to Wrath and murder all the camp counselors who negligently let her son die.  Then, poor Jason feels nagged back to consciousness/undead "life" by his narcissistic mother and continues the campaign of Wrath because holding her accountable or standing up to her is too difficult and he can't kill her because she's dead at that point too.  And, that's why meeting up with Freddy is important because Freddy assumes the personage of Mrs. Voorhees to try to manipulate and control Jason.  Jason has had enough of that by that point and when he kills Freddy it's like finally killing his mother.  But, the point here is that if you are a parent or legal guardian of anyone whether age of minority or seniority (as opposed to majority) and don't exercise due diligence as a result of being too self-absorbed you may end up like Mrs. Voorhees and your child may end up just like Jason or even Michael from "Halloween" or like me (Rev. Minister Angela Smith) if particularly committed to Truth and Virtue rather than feeding the beast of narcissism or letting it manipulate or control you in any way.  (For more on the importance and relevance of "Freddy v. Jason" in regards to recent or current newsworthy events, please see this thread:  If not on Twitter or unable to see the entire thread in sequence for any reason, click here for a copy of thread as shown at date and time shown while understanding more comments or other changes may have occurred since the copy was saved/preserved.

Helpful Tip #8.  A tip on avoiding hypocrisy and temptation to vice/viciousness.  First, people of good faith at minimum choose to be more virtuous than vicious in our life choices.  And, I (Rev. Minister Angela Smith) call that commitment #TaoFu at times, but, also use that to describe symmetry, balance, reflection, synchronicity, and other things.  It's just what I call it and you can call it whatever you like or works for you.  So, with the Yin/Yang symbol of Taoism I see the mostly dark side as arguably vicious and the mostly light side as arguably virtuous as one way to contemplate that symbol and if you feel that's racist I believe you are prejudice and looking to read into what I've stated something I did not intend and therefore are arguably hypocritical.  I'm full spectrum and my heritage includes, but may not be limited to: African American ("Black"), Dutch, British, French, Cherokee, Creek, Italian, and Irish (with some somewhat questionable statements regarding Blackfoot heritage as well).  So, as a result I know I'm not being racist in my description of the symbol referenced and encourage those reading this who read it that way to feel free to switch out the light for the dark in regards to corresponding themes.  Now, returning to #TaoFu with how I see it.  The vicious side has a spot of light which I see as Virtue (what some may call "Namaste" or recognizing life itself or reverence for life as a bare minimum to recognize potential for virtue even where no other evidence exists in the lifeform considered at the moment) and when that Virtue is surrounded by Vice/Viciousness it is tempted to Wrath which corresponds with the little dark spot on the mostly light side of the Yin/Yang symbol.  So, Wrath itself is a vice and the primary vice to which virtuous people of good faith typically are tempted when confronted by the vicious.  The #TaoFu or corresponding virtue necessary to control or manage temptation to Wrath is patience.  And, I've found often my own irritability at times or frustration is a result of impatience.  So, one of the ways I remain patient is masturbation, though that's likely not your business.  And, depending on the level of stress of your daily life more patience may be required of you than others at times.  So, being consciously and conscientiously aware of your own temptation to any vice (including and especially Wrath if of good faith) and actively choosing to be patient in response to temptation, for the sake of honest reason and justice, is #TaoFu recognizing common humanity and individuality.  It's maybe a little existential, but, hopefully clear enough.  I'm totally willing to clarify.  E-mail me at if you have a comment or question.  You may wish to see our Feedback page before initiating contact.  And, #TaoFu is how I imperfectly avoid hypocrisy, but, do my best.  H.H. Dalai Lama is way better at it in my humble opinion.

Helpful Tip #9.  Build, develop, and/or maintain critical thinking skills.  Critical thinking assists with problem-solving which is helpful in all areas of life.  Check out and  [Special Note: Rev. Minister Angela Smith got a score of 100% and/or 20 correct out of 20 possible at].  And, if you are ready to solve some puzzles, check out  If you beat Rev. Minister Angela Smith's score, let her know.  And, if you solve the same puzzle more than once before beating the score below, you can omit or reveal that. 


15.  Do detoxes and cleanses make you gain weight?

[Rev. Minister Angela Smith's Commentary:  I believe they do and that belief is supported by this: "Most detox programs are very low in calories. So if you’re eating less, you lose weight...The drastic decrease in calories, often below your needs, can have other consequences: 1. Fatigue and mood swings: Not regularly eating can cause your blood-sugar levels to go down. You generally feel tired, foggy, moody, irritable, and unwell overall.  2. Weight gain: Without a new supply of calories, your system shifts into starvation mode in an effort to conserve energy. Your metabolism slows, so when you do eventually eat, your body stores everything just in case you decide to drastically cut calories again. And after your detox program is done, there is a good chance you’ll go back to your old habits because you missed them so much. The old habits were problem to begin with."  Source:     

16.  Regarding specifically the Family Court Fact Sheet, what would you do if trauma related to abuse resulted in delayed reporting and were facing your abuser in family court seeking legal guardianship of dependents?

[Rev. Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: I'd understand that there is a limited time to file a complaint whether in criminal cases or tort.  I'd understand that if the time for filing such a complaint had expired that there is no point in bringing it up now and think it should be considered water under the bridge.  I'd also understand that very small children have both reported crimes and testified in court against their rapists, abusers, and about crimes they witnessed such as the murder of their parent by the other parent.  The youngest child in the hypertext links, which are acting as cited sources for the statement(s), to report and/or testify against their abuser was 3 years old.  So, if a 3 year old can find the strength and courage to report and testify about abuse they suffered against their abuser in trial court, I feel a competent adult should have the same resolve as the 3 year old as well as understand that family court is not a trial court.  Then, based on objective and honest reasoning I'd equitably split property and any responsibility for dependents with my ex-spouse.  And, I'd demand any settlement include consent from my ex-spouse that our shared dependents can sign up for defense or martial arts class(es) for which the ex-spouse will pay half as an extra-curricular activity.  I'd supplement the defense courses with information on how to properly report crime in the proper jurisdiction within the window for effective reporting.  I'd make a little note or speed-dial for all appropriate emergency numbers and if needed memorize them.  I'd prepare to report immediately any crime including assault, battery, or child abuse to the police at time of occurrence.  And, I wouldn't do anything to suggest that I was coaching or otherwise trying to speak for my child and let my child or the victim (me if it is me) do the talking.  I'd also never intentionally fail to comply with any court orders.]

17.  Why are there so many domains/URLs for the church and mission?

[Rev. Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: There are 13 domains associated primarily with the Mission and 9 domains primarily associated with the Church, making a total of 22 domains/URLs. At this time, three domains are set to expire and will not be renewed.  That will leave 19 domains after 7/27/20. is where those watch-list entities/conversion program enrollees that were shut down (aka "died") are buried in the COPE virtual cemetery at   For many of the additional domains they are redirects from similar URLs (i.e. redirects to ) to a primary URL.  With the Church, the URL was too long and at the time of registration of the first URL/domain, I was unaware .church was an option for a domain.  So, as the site is updated most new links will be to the shorter URL which is and because we're building the site and it is already quite expansive, it is best to keep the other URLs for a number of reasons involving existing links on multiple pages.  It's also meant to be a joke as in "there are many roads to Rome" as a loving mock of the Catholic Church in saying there are many internet paths/directions to COPE including which is in part an homage to "Anarchy TV The Movie" by Jonathan Blank starring Moon Zappa, George Wendt, Dweezil Zappa, Blue Zappa, Ahmet Zappa, Jonathan Penner, Alan Thicke, and more.  And, I believe if people saw that film they would better understand some of the art or humor of my church.  And, while is a HEAL Mission Project to support law enforcement, we often do that on all our sites (and/or social media) and may not need to keep those URLs as a special appreciation for law enforcement.  So, to be more fiscally responsible it is likely the gottalovethefuzz.*.* won't be renewed.  But, to reduce costs so more donations can be used for direct care and service some domains will be cut from the line-up unless our congregants, proselytizers, and donors demand they be renewed.  9/1/20 only 16 URL/Domains will remain.] 

18.  Is this a scam?

[Rev. Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: First, I always find it interesting that someone who seems to suspect something is a scam asks those they assume to be scamming or may be scamming whether or not it is a scam.  Oxford Languages via Google Definitions defines "Scam" as "a dishonest scheme; a fraud" and "swindle".  Fraud is often defined at law as "theft by deceit".  So, I find it very interesting that someone who suspects dishonesty would simply ask the suspect or suspects if their suspicion is warranted.  The church's mission (HEAL) is one of consumer and victim's advocacy.  Consumer Action (another consumer advocacy effort) started at a church in the 1970s.  The Quaker/Friends Church (of which James Dean was a member/participant), also works on consumer and victim's advocacy issues.  COPE is a church offering church and mission services in good faith.  Evidence of church services include the sermons delivered every week at .  Evidence of consumer and victim's advocacy is the entire mission website, particularly the watch-list at and calls for legislative reforms and those efforts at .  COPE is registered and approved by the State of WA and all information pertaining to that is at the bottom of (including documents linked through hypertext).  And, my credentials are listed at with a direct link to copies of my credentials at  In addition, the church doesn't discriminate nor deny mission nor church services to anyone based on financial contributions or lack thereof.  But, if you feel finding our materials online and then reading any of it was somehow theft of your time and you believe you were coerced or unduly influenced to read, listen, or participate in any of it, I apologize because the church, mission, and myself operate in good faith with no intentions of stealing your time nor money.  Donations of both are welcome and tax-deductible.  But, objectively clearly not a scam as a matter of law and common sense.  Subjectively, the art of the church may confuse some because the purpose is to actually get you to at least ask yourself that question and exercise due diligence to encourage better consumer habits.  So, good question!]


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