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1.  Know your current position, situation, and circumstance as it actually exists in reality right now.  If you are in a position to be helpful, be helpful so as to lead by example in the event of a role reversal where you'd hope to be offered a helping hand.  If you can be helpful, perhaps skip to #5.  And, if you need help, seek it.  You may need to ask yourself the following questions to determine your current position situation, and circumstance as it actually exists in reality right now: What level of education and legal competency am I at as compared to my peers or rest of society?  Regardless of whether I had ignorant or poorly educated parents and therefore they didn't choose a good education provider for me before I reached age of majority and sent me to unaccredited schools where I got left behind, I'm now of age of majority and I don't know what to do and because of my lack of a proper education I don't have the first clue how to actually navigate life independently, how do I do that?  And, COPE Ministries suggests determining whether you are simply a victim of circumstance or developmentally disabled.  Sometimes people who are "different" are labeled as either exceptional or special.  Exceptionally labeled children usually have at least one narcissistic parent and the challenges of remaining in reality when dealing with a delusional narcissist prone to vice results in at times developing skill and acumen that others didn't birth out of necessity in their lives not having to deal with a narcissistic parent.  And, those who fit that description will find the additional tips more helpful than the rest of tip 1.  The "special" or developmentally disabled are when virtuous often found in loving homes still living with family and when vicious (deceptive, selfish, greedy, unjust, etc) institutionalized or homeless.  This ministry believes the majority of homeless people are exceptional and victims of circumstance and the rest are special needs and uncertain of how to seek services so may need assistance.

2.  If you are homeless and need help covering expenses, what are your options?  Your first option is to see if any friends or family can provide you with emergency shelter and accept their conditions in exchange for their generosity.  Your second option is to find emergency shelter provided by a church, mission, ministry, or nonprofit where public housing isn't provided.  Please understand in many cities in the US right now jails and prisons are being converted for public housing of the homeless and though not convicted, will be living as if one were in some cases.  Now, in addition to this, you will want to seek public housing assistance perhaps which can be done here:   And, if you don't qualify but believe you are disabled, see #3 and apply for Social Security Disability Insurance and then for section 8 housing assistance.  If you are unemployed, seek work if able to work and understand you need money and other people need labor so whomever needs the labor you can provide is where you need to look for work to support yourself.  COPE Ministries is planning to include job fairs and similar opportunities.

3.  You can't be independent and irresponsible and keep your freedom.  So, to the extent you rely on everyone else to meet your needs as an adult, you send the message that you are either entitled or developmentally disabled.  For every time you feel like you just want someone else to do something for you that you could do yourself but just can't seem to muster the energy or resolve to do, understand the someone else isn't living to be of service to you and may also like someone co-dependent enough to do their bidding while they contemplate what to request next from the help.  Regardless of whether your parents (or the foster care system/guardians) gave you nothing but freedom with very little guidance or responsibility in raising you doing a HUGE and MONUMENTAL disservice to you, as an adult your options are now limited and see #1 & #2 if you need to refresh.  Here's a question to consider:  Say you studied hard, went to college (or not), started a business or successful career, got married and/or had children, and passively assumed your children would just follow your example, and then one of the children grows up and doesn't go to college or look for work because you've created such a nice life that no one wants to leave home, do you feel like a failure because your kids don't want to learn, work, contribute or participate?  How do you address it?  See HEAL's suggestions here:, , and  And, if you believe you are disabled and can reasonably document or provide evidence of such, you can sign up for Social Security Disability Insurance here: 

4.  Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is a biblical concept spoken by Jesus in Luke 6:31 and Matthew 7:12; it is commonly referred to as the "Golden Rule.""  If you wouldn't want everyone around you treating you like a servant or cash machine, then don't treat others that way.  And, if you raise your children without teaching them self-discipline and responsibility it is really evil to then just turn them over to strict draconians or child traffickers where you believe their false advertising and just want relief rather than having one of the conversations featured in the links available at end of #3 above.  But, narcissistic parents are prone to believe bullshit and look for easy answers without asking questions and if they find an exceptional (gifted) or special (developmentally disabled) child too challenging, they'll do something the vast majority of parents and members of society are horrified about when they learn of it.  That's why so many horror movies cover the subject.  Mrs. Voorhees was the murderer in "Friday the 13th" the original and slaughtered all the negligent camp counselors who failed to supervise Jason resulting in his drowning.  But, she's a prime example of narcissism.  She wants Jason out of her hair.  He's weird.  She sends him to camp and then he dies.  Did she look into the camp?  Check their credentials?  Check licensing?  Offer to volunteer to supervise and help?  Did she even tour the grounds and did she sign any documents where she indemnified the camp against all liability up to and including death while assuming all the risk and avoiding all responsibility at the same time?  Well, regardless, as a narcissist she doesn't consider those things when she learns of Jason's death.  She decides to fully succumb to Wrath and murder all the camp counselors who negligently let her son die.  Then, poor Jason feels nagged back to consciousness by his narcissistic mother and continues the campaign of Wrath because holding her accountable or standing up to her is too difficult and he can't kill her because she's dead at that point too.  And, that's why meeting up with Freddy is important because Freddy assumes the personage of Mrs. Voorhees to try to manipulate and control Jason.  Jason has had enough of that by that point and when he kills Freddy it's like finally killing his mother.  But, the point here is that if you are a parent or legal guardian of anyone whether age of minority or seniority (as opposed to majority) and don't exercise due diligence as a result of being too self-absorbed you may end up like Mrs. Voorhees and your child may end up just like Jason or even Michael from "Halloween" or like me if particularly committed to Truth and Virtue rather than feeding the beast of narcissism or letting it manipulate or control me in any way.

#5.  Here's what has happened.  The HEAL mission has spent 17 years and counting operating as described at  I, Minister Angela Smith, wasn't openly acting as a minister though always saw it as a form of ministry myself.  I've assisted many victims and survivors of fraud, institutionalized abuse, and human trafficking.  Many have come out of foster care and do not have friends or family to rely on for support as a result of multiple changes in residence and instability in the foster care system.  Many are exceptional, some victims of circumstance, and some are disabled.  The vast majority of the homeless population are youth, elderly, and disabled with over 50% being disabled.  As a result of lack of resources including basic knowledge on how to seek help or assistance, they reach out to COPE Ministries and/or HEAL mission for guidance in navigating life for independent living.  COPE Ministries and the HEAL mission support independent living and reasonably explaining and identifying barriers to access to services while addressing the areas in society where there are gaps to make sure everyone has the best chance at achieving the American Dream.  And, we recognize that some obstacles are more difficult to overcome than others and do our best to help everyone remove obstacles standing in the way of their independence.  And, I believe that being direct, honest, realistic, and providing resources or access to resources is a reasonable response to those in crisis or in need of assistance.  And, if you are not in crisis or in need of assistance, I sincerely hope you will count yourself among the "saints" and "angels" supporting COPE Ministries and the HEAL mission.

#6.  This is a callback to numbers 2 and 3 above.  But, one problem the residentially challenged face is that to qualify for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) you have to prove you have a disability and therefore have received medical care and have some documentation of your disability.  Since the residentially challenged are often uninsured and displaced, they often don't even have Medicaid or Medicare having not found or accessed any resource to apply.  So, even though disabled, they may not be able to prove it without getting the care they are seeking or may need which they can't get in many cases because of their circumstances.  So, it's possible they can't get SSDI and/or Medicaid without proof of residence and then can't get proof of residence or even Section 8 vouchers without SSDI.  So, I'm sure you can see how this could send someone into despair where they basically give up and/or depend on the kindness of strangers who in many cases are just seeking to exploit the vulnerability of the displaced or residentially challenged.  This is why COPE Ministries mission and vision for being of service in an ethical manner with a foundation in truth and commitment to practice virtue for the benefit of humanity is a true calling that I, Minister Angela Smith, have prepared my whole life to respond to at this moment.  You may wish to see #12 on the page at  This is why we need ministries and churches to help bridge the gap in services and if you think the government can do better, you aren't paying attention.

#7.  Instead of thinking of feedback as "positive" (technically means "true" not "complimentary" per se) or "negative" (technically means "not true" or negated regarding value and not "critical" per se), perhaps try thinking of feedback in terms of being "complimentary" or "critical", sometimes both.  And, the proper way in drama to offer criticism, according to my (Minister Angela Smith's) drama teacher at Kentridge Senior High School in Kent, WA named Jim Doell, is to offer a compliment, then the criticism, and end with a compliment for best results.  Now, one of the things I do is when I severely dislike someone or something (including a place), I try to come up with 5 things I like about it.  It was really difficult for me to do that in regard to Hillary Clinton and I'm still not certain the 5 things I did come up with weren't a bit rationalized in some ways rather than objective.  But, one of the five was that I respect her commitment to defend Bill Clinton even where he doesn't deserve it out of loyalty to him or respect for her vows.  But, then I remembered spouses don't have to testify against each other and Whitewater and other things like the e-mails.  And, then I remembered Hillary Clinton jerked away from Bill when she lost in 2016 and he tried to comfort her on stage and then earlier on when he was running for president he reached out to put his arm around her and she stepped out of his reach and gave him a look.  So, as much as I want to say one of the reasons is because I see the virtue or a touch of virtue in her defense of Bill from some perspectives, I don't feel 100% confident that it's virtue and not just deception to avoid accountability for both of them.  So, I struggle with this still and my hope is that Hillary Clinton is a double-agent and infiltrated the Democratic Party as a counter-intelligence RAND Corp or CIA trained operative/agent and her attitude and demeanor of narcissism was a mock of the Democrats or their supporters that no one gets except maybe the CIA and people who do a modicum of research into financial backers of political candidates.  And, some of her tweets have suggested she has a sense of humor.  I can appreciate that.  See, the whole Bill Clinton video where he appears to be in a trance or something, I think that may have all been for show and released on purpose to expose the Democratic Party.  But, I think in that case it makes sense that Clinton donated $250 to Donald Trump's campaign.  And, I appreciate her support of President Donald Trump too.

#8.  A tip on avoiding hypocrisy and temptation to vice/viciousness.  First, people of good faith at minimum choose to be more virtuous than vicious in our life choices.  And, I (Minister Angela Smith) call that commitment #TaoFu at times, but, also use that to describe symmetry, balance, reflection, synchronicity, and other things.  It's just what I call it and you can call it whatever you like or works for you.  So, with the Yin/Yang symbol of Taoism I see the mostly dark side as arguably vicious and the mostly light side as arguably virtuous as one way to contemplate that symbol and if you feel that's racist I believe you are prejudice and looking to read into what I've stated something I did not intend and therefore are arguably hypocritical.  I'm full spectrum and my heritage includes, but may not be limited to: African American ("Black"), Dutch, British, French, Cherokee, Creek, Italian, and Irish (with some somewhat questionable statements regarding Blackfoot heritage as well).  So, as a result I know I'm not being racist in my description of the symbol referenced and encourage those reading this who read it that way to feel free to switch out the light for the dark in regards to corresponding themes.  Now, returning to #TaoFu with how I see it.  The vicious side has a spot of light which I see as Virtue (what some may call "Namaste" or recognizing life itself or reverence for life as a bare minimum to recognize potential for virtue even where no other evidence exists in the lifeform considered at the moment) and when that Virtue is surrounded by Vice/Viciousness it is tempted to Wrath which corresponds with the little dark spot on the mostly light side of the Yin/Yang symbol.  So, Wrath itself is a vice and the primary vice to which virtuous people of good faith typically are tempted when confronted by the vicious.  The #TaoFu or corresponding virtue necessary to control or manage temptation to Wrath is patience.  And, I've found often my own irritability at times or frustration is a result of impatience.  So, one of the ways I remain patient is masturbation, though that's likely not your business.  And, depending on the level of stress of your daily life more patience may be required of you than others at times.  So, being consciously and conscientiously aware of your own temptation to any vice (including and especially Wrath if of good faith) and actively choosing to be patient in response to temptation, for the sake of honest reason and justice, is #TaoFu recognizing common humanity and individuality.  It's maybe a little existential, but, hopefully clear enough.  I'm totally willing to clarify.  E-mail me at if you have a comment or question.  You may wish to see our Feedback page before initiating contact.  And, #TaoFu is how I imperfectly avoid hypocrisy, but, do my best.  H.H. Dalai Lama is way better at it in some respects.

#9.  Build, develop, and/or maintain critical thinking skills.  Critical thinking assists with problem-solving which is helpful in all areas of life.  Check out and  [Special Note: Minister Angela Smith got a score of 100% and/or 20 correct out of 20 possible at].  And, if you are ready to solve some puzzles, check out  If you beat Minister Angela Smith's score, let her know.  And, if you solve the same puzzle more than once before beating the score below, you can omit or reveal that. 


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