WANT TO HELP RIGHT NOW?  If so, you are doing so of your own accord and independently of COPE Ministries unless an official HEAL Missionary volunteer listed at and then you are still doing it of your own accord but officially associated with COPE Ministries and the HEAL Mission.  Here's what you'll need to start helping the homeless in your area right now: a tablet with mobile internet access and the directions/questions found here.  If you would prefer COPE Ministries and HEAL Missionary volunteers did this instead and would like to donate now, click donate button above to donate to the church and thank you.



I, Angela Smith, Minister of the Church Of Philosophical Exploration (COPE) Ministries feel this is my calling.  I've been an ordained minister since March, 2001.  In the evolution of my reading and understanding of scripture and comparative religion, in my early years I focused solely on the mission (  And, the mission is itself ecumenical and multi-partisan focusing primarily on Truth, Justice, and Freedom.  It is my sincere belief that Truth, Justice, and Freedom are among the many names of God.  And, having been raised Christian and having devotedly studied Christian scripture throughout my life, I initially understood Jesus to be suggesting that people of Good Faith don't need labels and that our Good Faith or Godliness is best shared through Good Works which themselves testify on our behalf regarding our true faith and character without labels.  And, that other people of Good Faith regardless of storefronts, cultural influences, or self-identifying labels are with us if not seeking to actively oppress us or prevent us from honest and virtuous living.  I don't necessarily agree with the Catholic Church in every regard.  But, I do agree with Pope Francis that even if atheists are committed to Good Faith (Intellectual Honesty, Mutual Respect and Equality, at minimum) that God welcomes them and forgives doubt because many false prophets harm people of good faith in the name of God and create some confusion leading to conversion to an atheist lifestyle.  This is why exposing false prophets is one of the goals of our mission and ministry and as a result of the seething wrath false prophets inspire because they are vicious people who falsely claim to represent God while exploiting, trafficking, deceiving, abusing, and manipulating people who in Good Faith trust and believe,  I believe humor is necessary as a tool to deescalate tension so we can continue our mission peacefully and avoid temptation to wrath while promoting Truth, Justice, and Freedom.  Since the War boils down to Truth versus Falsehood, COPE takes the side of Truth while remaining humble enough to be willing to be corrected in the event we've made an honest mistake that can reasonably be conveyed with respect to our beliefs and will publicly and privately correct if the correction offered is supported and sound by available objective evidence.  However, it is my understanding there are many denominations, interpretations, and ways to understand scripture and that the Bible says very few people will ever understand it.  And, as a result, I feel based on my study and education that I understand it as well as anyone else or possibly better. 

SUPPORT US:  Right now, you can volunteer for the mission that is Human Earth Animal Liberation (HEAL).  If you'd like to volunteer for the mission, e-mail me at or for more information.  And, if you are intellectually honest and communicate with others in an open and honest manner without deceiving for vicious purposes, then I consider you and the Ministry considers you an honorary proselytizer whether you identify as such publicly or not.

WHY DONATE?: Currently, all donations will be used to cover actual current expenses and the rest saved for the building of our House of God.  This is the vision for our House of God at this time:

A minimum three-story structure.  We hope to provide the following services:

1.  Emergency shelter or assistance with finding emergency shelter for the homeless.

2.  Food Bank/Soup Kitchen for the hungry. (Also a free store with donated items such as clothes, toiletries for those in need.)

3.  Lending Library of Religious, Philosophical, Scientific, and Humanities materials.

4.  Guest Speakers and Interactive Sermons where everyone is encouraged to ask questions, offer perspective, and share wisdom.

5.  Bookstore (possibly partnering with or another fine retailer of books)

6.  Small computer lab to assist those in need in applying for jobs online, getting public assistance, or doing research for investigative reporting to support the mission.

7.  Tutoring and a Literacy campaign.

8.  Physical Fitness and/or Recreation Equipment (indoor/outdoor including some picnic tables) similar to the YMCA.

And, we may expand upon this as we build our future together.

Donations are tax-deductible and being a church (Corporation Sole/Sole Proprietorship) recognized as 501(c)3 without IRS registration (see note on first page of IRS document available via hypertext preceding this parenthetical about churches, mosques, and temples and grassroots nonprofits that aren't even faith-based) because such would be unconstitutional or otherwise is not mandated.  However, the church is registered in Washington State and tax-deductible.  This is achieved in part by designating the Union Gospel Mission in Seattle as beneficiary of all this church holds at time of dissolution or my death.  So, you can donate to the church by clicking on "Donate" button at top of this page, homepage, or HEAL Mission.  The mission is to do Good Works and act in Good Faith.  And, the church appreciates your support!  Or, send checks or money order donations payable to Minister Angela Smith with "Memo/For" Field stating "COPE Donation" to:

Minister Angela Smith
COPE Ministries
126 SW 148th St, Ste C100-422
Seattle, WA 98166-1984

Donations are also accepted at events and the church hopes to hold a revival in Summer 2020 and beyond in a public park near you!

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